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My name is Olivia Kosmo and I write poetry on a variety of concepts including feminism, self growth and female empowerment. My first poetry collection "How to Paint Landscapes" is available now! Check out the links below to purchase it now, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about my book, or anything else you would like to share! This is a safe space and I can't wait to grow with you all. There is SO much more to come! Lots of love! <3
Olivia Kosmo Author of How to Paint Landscapes
Olivia Kosmo
How to Paint Landscapes by Olivia Kosmo Author

How to Paint Landscapes

How to Paint Landscapes is a collection of poetry dealing with the issues of trauma, pain, hope, feminism, first love, and self-discovery. It also deals with the themes of poor mental health, specifically the struggle with OCD, the realities of belonging to Greek culture, and the fear of being forever trapped within the confines of abuse. This poetry compilation is about escaping the seemingly inescapable, and never putting your brush down until you see freedom emerge upon your canvas.

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How to Paint Landscapes by Olivia Kosmo Author